Making My First $1000 With Digital Options

I remember back a couple of years ago when I first found out about digital options trading. To be honest, I was quite skeptical. Since I was quite new to trading generally, I wasn't sure that binary options would help me make any more money. Well, I learned quite quickly that I was wrong.

Having been told about the world of binary options from a close friend of mine, I thought that I would give it a try. He told me that it was a simple, fast and effective way to make some extra money. He told me that it wasn't going to necessarily happen overnight but if I gave a bit of determination and developed an understanding of price movements, I could make quick returns on my investment.

After I did a few trades I started to understand what he meant. The basic idea behind digital options is extremely simple. All you have to do is take a view on if an asset's price will rise or fall below the strike price when it expires. If you believe the price will rise, you place a CALL option on the asset and if you feel the price will fall, you place a PUT option on it. After that, you wait for the expiration time to arrive and then you find out the outcome of your digital options trade.

Since I had an understanding and interest in some of the most popular U.S. technology corporations, I decided to place my first digital options trades with technology stocks such as Apple, Google and Microsoft. I knew that they were often in the news and I realized that I could learn a lot about how a piece of news impacted their short-term price.

The day I made my first $1000 trading digital options was a day I will never forget. After following the Apple stock closely, I started noticing the impact of new product introductions on the price. The company announced a few product upgrades and a new product, so I placed my prediction on the stock. The result? A whopping $1000 success!

After this gain, I realized the value of following an asset closely and recognizing how certain changes, whether its financial news or quarterly results figures, impact the price movement. By gaining this insight over a defined period of time, it helped me to realize a gain.

Since then, I've followed that strategy over and over again. As an investment platform, binary options really have helped to add money to my bottom line. Taking notice of market movements, conducting research and selecting assets that I am genuinely interested in has helped to maximize my returns.