How to Pick The Best Stocks - Here Are Some Thoughts

Picking stocks isn't easy, and the more you learn and play the harder it seems to get it right - okay so, nothing you don't already know, right? In a robust bull market - everyone is a genius and nearly everyone is a winner, and it isn't despite popular myth; a Zero Sum Game. Speaking of zeros, and competing against high-frequency algorithmic trading computers that are sending their one's and zero's in at light-speed from the room next door to the exchange, how can a common day-trader zero in on the best stocks?

Well, that is the question, and I'd be remiss if I didn't speak to the technicals, fundamentals, and those studying the sound and fury, watching those companies with a clear cut future advantage or headed for a brick wall. Now then, there are more than enough books, strategies, theories, and concepts on stock picking - some good, most not. That's something you need to consider and it is my first main point in this article.

Another point I'd like to make in this work is to get you to wake up and really think about the market, the system, the economy, the government regulations, and the industries with all their players competing in the often not-so-free-market, while you hone your skills and prep your mind for another round in the gambling casino known as the stock market.

Like most articles on this topic, it's full of bullish and bearish opinions, namely mine. Obviously, you should contact a professional before you risk your money dummy. Yes, that was my slap-your-in-the-face CYA legalese, in other words don't take my word for it, and realize there isn't much sense in me recommending any particular stock right now, I am no Jim Cramer, besides, chances are by the time you read this article, and stock I chose to tell you about, and the information on why it's a decent play, would be dated.

Nevertheless, some of the wisdom and thought process is where you should focus while reading, perhaps between your day-trading fun? Before you buy a stock, know the company, what they make, how they make their money, where their opportunities and challenges are ahead, and who the team running that company is - know the industry they are in, the competition, and the government regulatory intervention - whether building motes and barriers to entry for them, or driving a wedge between the company and their market and customers. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.