Taking Charge of Your Trading

I came across an article someone had written not too long ago that basically said that it is impossible to make money Day Trading. I felt bad for this person because for him he is telling the truth.

Back in the 90's when day trading gained popularity, many people have told me that you simply had to buy something and you were inevitably going to make money. And, of course, most at that time felt that the party would never end.

Real estate was also a big party that was supposedly never going to end - I heard some of the 'experts' say, in 2004, that Real Estate was where you had to be all the time. It was THE ONE KEY to wealth. We are all human, and can get caught up in 'sure things' and 'bandwagon' theory..

There is no "Get Rich Quick" when it comes to the markets.

It was not hard in the late 1990's and early 2000's to get into the mortgage business or in real estate and make great money. Nor was it hard to get into the day trading business and make great money. But things change, and you have to be smart enough to realize that there is a natural ebb and flow in life.

There is a constant influx of news, blogs, videos, and other media of people being negative or explaining why they think something won't work. But the one thing that you must realize is that you have a CHOICE as to what to watch and more importantly, what to believe.

If you believe something to your core, then it is true for you. It doesn't matter what someone else says or believes. If you believe strongly that something is impossible, then no matter what evidence is given to you to the contrary, you will act and behave in a way that supports your belief - and that something will remain impossible for you.

So, if you realize this, why would you let someone else's article, blog or the news get you down or affect you?

Because it's easy to go into autopilot and allow it to suck you in. Self awareness is the first step to FREEDOM, and really the hardest step for most.

Do not let someone else tell you what you can or cannot do. You ultimately decide what you believe, but you can easily get 'sucked in' to beliefs that are not useful to you.

I'm simply sharing what I've come to believe based on rational thought and years of experience that I think can be of great use to others. If nothing else, my hope is that you will take inventory of your beliefs and your goals and see if your beliefs are aligned with your goals. If not, I want you to realize that you can change them.

Don't allow others to influence you in a negative way - decide for yourself what you can do and set out to do it.

It's a lot more comfortable (and most people do this) to just say that your beliefs are 'right' just as they are and to hold on to them and look down on others who don't share those beliefs. Some people will even kill others who don't share their beliefs. It's pretty powerful how beliefs can move people.