Introduction To Evaluating A Forex Broker

The foreign exchange market trading, which is a global and dispersed financial system of trading currencies is comparatively easier to manage than stock market trading. However, Forex market has its more than fair share of dangers and risks involved and a reliable Forex broker's services is crucial, especially in the case of beginners. A Forex broker is an intermediary between a trader and the currency market.

There are a large number of financial firms offering their services in online brokerage these days. Amidst the various claims on the superiority of services provided by each of these companies, it can be a very difficult task to pin point one which stands true to its words. A number of factors are behind the reputation of a good Forex broker.


The security risks involved are a primary area of concern, as with any other arena in which a broker's help is sought. Most of the countries have regulatory authorities which sieve the firms and restrict those with fraudulent intentions. Needless to say, a Forex broker must be an approved member of such an authority in your country if you want to start an account with them. The reviews provided by users as well as some websites are also good indicators of the reliability and services offered by a firm.

Initial Deposit

The initial deposit is one of the factors on which many new traders choose a Forex broker. However, unless you have not much money to spare for the trades and you are not that serious about making it big in the market, this should not be a major thing which deters you from choosing a reputed firm. This is because some of the trustworthy firms tend to keep their initial deposits a bit high so as to ensure that the funds will not be washed out in in the blink of an eye due to the high market fluctuations involved.

Currency Offering

The provision of a wide range of tradable currencies is offered by some Forex brokers. The firms will differ much also in the trading software used by them. A well-developed platform with adequate tools for evaluation, easy to understand graphs, with minimal misquoting and connection loss problems is better than one which is very simple and easy to use.

Spreads, margin requirements, deposit and withdrawal processes and a smoothly functioning customer service are other factors which vary among Forex brokers. An ideal firm for you will be the one which offers services expected by you.